Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poem A Day

One way to celebrate National Poetry Month is to write poetry.

Poetic Asides, a blog by Robert Lee Brewer (of Writer's Digest), sponsors a poem a day challenge, open to anyone, to craft a poem a day based on a prompt.

I competed in one of his PAD challenges in the fall and enjoyed the mental exercise. Though much of what I wrote did not fit into my overall vision (of my current evolving manuscript) the exercises were helpful in another way entirely. It's important for artists to flex their muscles. I can understand the snide academic attitude many may feel about the quality of much of the entries,and some of the prompts (insert head nod and shiver) and the idea that writing a PAD might be beneath them (after all inspiration cannot happen on command, and certainly not for a prompt!), but the contest gets back to an essential cornerstone of writing: having fun with words.

And if that isn't why we write, then I'm a table lamp.

The format is easy, and there is a contest, though I believe no prizes are involved, and he's assembled many a fine judge (if that's your sort of party, including Mark Doty.

So if you be not of the house of Montague come and crush a cup of wine.

I'll be posting my entries on my blog, and I encourage others to submit to Jamie this month, or just assault him with poems. I don't think he'll mind. We can post some here or elsewhere.

Happy poetry!

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