Thursday, July 11, 2013

Love Poetry? Check out the Key Poetry Series by the Broadkill Press

Broadkill Press, an offshoot of The Broadkill Review and John Milton Poetry Festival, kicks off a key chapbook series this spring and summer. The first book off the press is S Scott Whitaker's The Black Narrows, a chapbook about a black market community that existed in the marsh off the coast of Virginia's Eastern Shore. "The poems are a kind of theater, monologues perhaps, not in the strictest Spoon River sense, but certainly of that tradition. There's a strong lyric bent to these as well, not just narrative. And a fair share of elegies and nature poems, though most of the poems are about people and relationships." Whitaker, the literary review editor for The Broadkill Review, and a member of the National Book Critics Circle, has spoken about the book, the process, and some of the poems within the collection here, and here. Book two in the series is Ice-Solstice by Kelley Jean White, and book three in the series is Gary Hanna's Sediment. Books can be ordered here. Whitaker's YA retelling of the Odyssey, Seven Days on the Mountain, is available on Amazon. A book trailer for the YA thriller has just been released. You can view it below.

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