Saturday, April 15, 2017

Austin Brown goes all Crayola for #NationalPoetryMonth, from the BKR archives

Biography- Austin Brown is an accomplished writer and poet currently residing in west Texas. His previous work has appeared in several E-zines and The Broadkill Review. His various travels throughout the world have given him a universal lens and a worldly understanding of the perpetual search for beauty and art in all things.

The Crayon Monologue

Parking lot vacant,
everyone was gone when I came across
two crayons by the handicap sign.

Sky Blue, and Maize-
Sky Blue was slight more worn at the end,

Discarded, or forgotten
or simply dropped by clumsy
little fingers;
their presence saddened me-

Perhaps they reminded me of my own children far away,
or my own lost youth,

But I believe now,
that it was the fact the were forsaken; alone-
Never to be reunited with the colorful bretheren,
Never to be held in small warm hands,
Sky Blue would never shade another imagination sky
filled with bird shaped like lowercase M's,
And Maize would never brighten the yellow disc of the sun
above the curley-Q trees amongst the horizon
of a child's imaginary landscape.

What a fall from grace.

This was the end for the two;
and the fleeting thought
of rescuing them from the warming sun
paraded briefly through my mind,
but who was I to mess with God's natural order-

All existence is lacking in permanence,
and that brings quiet appreciation
and even glory, if you will.

The sun would peak over the rooftops soon,
dissolving the shade and the asphalt would
heat mindlessly and savagely,
And it would be slow.

The oil bleeding through the paper,
the drooping ends,
the spreading pool of color,
It would begin soon.

Mourning as I was,
I tried to look on the bright side,
after all, I got a poem out of them-
one final blaze of glory for
Sky Blue and Maize,

But what really comforted my heart,
was that although the end was near,
they were not alone,
they had each other,
and shared each others fate;
And with that thought I nudge them closer to one another,
Sky Blue and Maize,
Knowing that at least they would melt
into the color
of one another,
know each others oily wax
in a most intimate way before the final ending of
and oblivion. 

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