Sunday, April 2, 2017

Celebrate #NationalPoetryMonth with #Delaware #poet Linda Blaskey "An Atlantic breeze makes a run/up the side street, riffles the two-toned leaves"

Bayard Avenue

            for Annette

An Atlantic breeze makes a run
up the side street, riffles the two-toned leaves
of geraniums in clay pots, dances
the blooms of blazing red.

On the porch, two friends talk of the spice
the crimson flowers give to the air,
the beauty of the sycamores that line the street
and the blight that threatens them.

Their fingers idly turn slick pages of magazines
and they rub fragrant ads on their wrists.
There is the tick of tea cups placed on saucers,
the tap of spoons stirring sugar.

One of them has a heart that beats
all wrong; the other looks up at the spread

of trees and hopes they survive.

From 2013, Editors Issue

Linda Blaskey writes both poetry and short prose.  Her short story, The Haircut, was dramatically presented in Philadelphia by InterAct Theatre’s Writing Aloud!  Her chapbook, Farm, won the Dogfish Head Poetry Prize and placed first in Delaware Press Association’s Communications Contest.  She was recently awarded a fellowship grant from Delaware Division of Arts in the established poet category.  She lives on a small horse farm with her husband and an accidental herd of goats. She is the poetry editor for The Broadkill Review. 

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