Monday, April 3, 2017

Celebrate #NationalPoetryMonth with Carolyn Cecil's "Secret Clubhouse over the Garage"

Secret Clubhouse over the Garage 

Steep wooden ladder,
secrets stashed;
attic clubhouse whisperings,
high pitched giggling.
No sound now.

No friends after school,
no laughter, no you.
Miles away, I miss you.

Empty garage creaks,
dark fog leaks
in the window over my sink,
that "standing place,"
where I think.

I cannot hide
a melancholy tide;
you are grown now.

Teacher, writer of poems,
you make taco salad,
steer your four wheel drive home.

You balance your checkbook,
buy a house on a hill,
have three degrees,
yet I long still-
to touch your clubhouse door-

remember days
you acted in plays

on the blue painted floor.

Carolyn Cecil has been writing poetry for ten years.  She participates in a monthly poetry critique group where she is based in Baltimore.  Her poetry has been published in The Broadkill Review, Poet's Ink, More Stories Website, Loyalhanna Review and The Gunpowder Review. 

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