Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Celebrate #NationalPoetryMonth with Grace Cavalieri's "Lunatics"


Rivers like veins      taken by night
By what we remembered     now dry
Leaving their shadows    leaving our shadows
Behind        a big achievement for the sun
Which  will be remembered     for our failures
Once the Anglicized air was sweet and pure
Now a scar    on our cheeks    of smoke
Touch it      we are the lunatics     who
Slept   with moonlight    on our      faces
Legend says        that    makes you crazy
And indeed    dry land      dead water   we

Must have been.

Grace Cavalieri has 18 books and chapbooks published, the latest is a memoir; Life Upon the Wicked Stage   Cavalieri has seen her 26 plays produced on American stages. Her newest play is “ANNA NICOLE: BLONDE GLORY.”  She’s the monthly poetry columnist and reviewer for The Washington Independent Review of Books. She holds several poetry and playwriting awards including The Allen Ginsberg Award (1993 and 2013 ;) The Paterson Prize; AWP’s 2013 George Garrett Award for Service to Literature; The Washington Independent Review of Books Lifetime Achievement Award (2015 ;)  The Pen Fiction Award; and CPB's Silver Medal.

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