Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Celebrate #NationalPoetryMonth with Denise Clemons' "Hammurabi"


An eye for an eye
seems fair enough
but I hadn’t lost
my sight, instead
I learned to observe
when he blocked my view:

            coarse nostril hairs
            untrimmed ear tufts
            pepper-clogged pores

A tooth for a tooth
might be a plan
but I had lost mine

and couldn’t bite back.

Denise Clemons holds a BA in Biopsychology from Vassar College and an MA in Writing from Johns Hopkins University. She spent the first twenty years of her career as an executive in the technology industry before escaping the corporate world to devote her energies to the non-profit arena. When Denise moved to Lewes, DE in 2005, she began writing the weekly food column for the Cape Gazette newspaper. She has published fiction, non-fiction and poetry in journals, chapbooks and anthologies.  

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