Friday, April 7, 2017

Celebrate #NationalPoetryMonth with Shelley Grabel's "What can I tell you about the day we buried Morgan?"

What can I tell you about the day we buried Morgan?

It was cold
It was raining
It was raining money
It was windy and wild
It was too early
It was too late
It was full of people you know
It was full of people you don’t
It was morning
It was rush hour but no one was rushing
It was hard
It was funny as hell
It was a day Morgan would have loved
It was chaotic
It was orderly
It was full of excellent food
It was full of the blackest earth
It was a day that flew into night too fast
It was full of noise and
It was absolutely silent
It was a day I will always remember
It was a night I want to forget
It was scary
It was funny
It was empty
It was without her
It was without her
It was without her
It was a day full of love
It was a day devoid of love
It was the first day
It was the last day
What can I tell you?

Shelly Grabel has been writing poetry for over 35 years. In 1975 Persephone Press published "The Fourteenth Witch" a book of Shelley's poems with photographs by Deborah Snow. Her poetry has appeared in a number of publications including "Off Our Backs" and "The Journal of Radical Therapy." She performed her poetry in the Village at local cafes, Folk City and on WBAI Radio. Shelley graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in TV/Radio in 1987. After a successful career in computer systems at various corporations in the Northeast, Shelley relocated to Milton, Delaware. Shelley now writes articles for local publications as well as continuing to develop her poetic style. She has participated in workshops with Fleda Brown as well and is an active member of the Rehoboth Writers Guild. She currently teaches Business Leadership courses at Delaware Technical & Community College.

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