Friday, April 28, 2017

David P. Kozinski's Scream At Three AM for your daily #NationalPoetryMonth selection

David P. Kozinski received Honorable Mention in Philadelphia Poets’  7th Annual John & Rose Petracca & Family Award. He won the seventh annual Dogfish Head Poetry Prize, which included publication of his chapbook, Loopholes. He conducted a workshop on poetry presentation at the Manayunk-Roxborough Art Center. More than 100 of Kozinski’s poems have appeared in print and online in publications such as Apiary, The Fox Chase Review,, Mad Poets Review, Margie and Schuylkill Valley Journal

Scream At Three A.M.

I’m ready to say something as grandiose as,
“I’m worth more dead than alive,”
when a fox shrieks from a nearby field

the one that ran through plum petals
with a bird in its mouth
yesterday morning.

This would be funnier from
a fifteen-year-old face, one without hair
misfiring from nostrils and ear wells,

without the pocks and gray deflations;
from one who has yet to feel the pierce of talons
or sound out the urgency

of a vixen’s scream in the dark,
the gash any mother feels
when a whelp is ripped away.  

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