Saturday, April 29, 2017

For a tall #poet, Hiram Larew writes short #poetry. "NationalPoetryMonth

Hiram Larew is one of the tallest poets in the greater DC area. Most of his poems are surprisingly short. He won Baltimore's 1999 ARTSCAPE prize for poetry, and for that, recently had his first collection of poems published. 


You love what's next more than people -
If you could marry tomorrow you would with ribbons
And with a devotion that echoes -
You're so grateful for what's unknown

While your past was likely a big knobby knee
In fact your future will be the roll of town bells -
There's something not here about you

Said most
You’re truly a vine that swirls all the way up
Into the fairy tale sky  
While everyone else is digging

Whatever else happens
You're proving at last how important it is
To cut life in two up the middle.

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