Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Gary Hanna's #ekphrasis #poetry, a collaboration of sorts with James Hamilton's painting. #NationalPoetryMonth

Gary Hanna has received two poetry fellowships from the Delaware Division of the Arts and another from the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. His poetry has appeared in over sixty journals and he has won four small national contests. He is on the editorial board of the Broadkill Review and is manager of the Writer’s Library in Delaware. 

Why Wives Wait

(After the painting The Sea At Atlantic City
by James Hamilton)

Cumulus monsters, rise up
higher than the imagination
of any sky, the grey mass
roils, rolls in the air, like
a biblical wave threatening
the smallest grain of sand.
They stretch, control the
horizon at mid point, sit
on the darkest line crushed
to the density of lead.
The mass of tears is so deep
the whole world would cry
if it were not held up
by a shiver of the strongest
light, a spirit bearing the
weight of every heart,
while calm waves sweep
in, reach out to land, as long
as eyes will wait, for the

fisherman’s safe return. 

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