Thursday, April 13, 2017

Getting down with #NationalPoetryMonth, Andy Fogle, "Cobla at Midnight,17th and Boardwalk"

Bio: Andy Fogle has five chapbooks of poetry, and a variety of nonfiction in The Writers Chronicle, English Journal, Gargoyle, Cobalt, and elsewhere. He lives in upstate NY, teaching high school and working on a PhD in Education. 

Cobla at Midnight, 17th and Boardwalk

The rain has stopped, two kids make sandcastles,
and on a hotel’s fifth floor balcony,
she screams at him. The broken branch
of lightning spans the sky, then doesn’t.
On a bench in the wind, a ten year old boy
in a coloring book’s maze. Next bench down, a man
beside a brown paper bag, hands clasped
across belly, chin on chest. A small
blue shoe soaking wet beneath a streetlamp.
Make, scream, color, sleep. Does, then doesn’t.

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