Monday, July 31, 2017

See what our #editors have lined up for #summerreading. Part 1 of 2

                            The Broadkill River, courtesy of the Cape GazetteDENY HOWETH PHOTO

Part one of two.  

Summer reading lists are a time honored tradition. Schools sometimes require them, magazines and journals share their favorites, and avid readers page through countless blogs and feeds to find new and exciting writers to thumb through. Ah, the abundance of summer.

The current issue of the Broadkill Review is up here.  We are reading fiction for the November and December issue, and reading poetry for the January and February issue.

Linda Blaskey, poetry editor, Dogfish Head Poetry Prize coordinator

Two poetry collections:  Marie Howe's Magdalene; and Nathan McClain's Scale.  

One novel: Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.  

And one collection of essays: Ellen Gilchrist's Things like the Truth: Out of My Later Years.

Jamie Brown, founder of the Broadkill River Press, and the Broadkill Review

Roth Unbound:A Writer and His Books, by Claudia Roth Pierpont

Pastoral Nomadism in the Mari Kingdom (ca. 1830-1760 B.C.), Victor Matthews' dissertation from 1977

Tripping Over Memorial Day, by David P. Kozinski (poetry)

Inner Asia and Its Contacts with Medieval Europe, by Dennis Sinor

Weather-Magic in Inner Asia, by Adam Molnar


Ten Burnt Offerings, by Louis MacNeice

and am soon to start:

I'd Die for You and Other Lost Stories, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Hemingway Files, by H. K. Bush


"Some Notes on the Etymology of Sabir" by Peter Golden

"Written Sources about the Early History of Xiongnu" by S. S. Miniaev

Pater Lango's review of Andras Paloczi Horvath's Peoples of Eastern Origin in Medieval Hungary

and hope to get to: 

Mark Scroggins bio of Zukovsky The Poem of a Life

Margaret Atwood's The Heart Goes Last, and 

John Irving's Avenue of Mysteries

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