Sunday, October 1, 2017

@BroadkillR featured on DE local affiliate: Writers Edition @kgekker @SScottWhitaker

From Hal Wilson's website:

"The September/October issue of The Broadkill Review, one of the significant literary journals published in the Mid-Atlantic Region, reached readers last week.  In addition to its normal non-fiction, poetry, fiction and book review offerings, this issue features a fiction genre called “speculative fiction” or spec-fic as it is also known. If this is a new literary term for you, as it was for me, we’re fortunate to have Scott Whitaker, Managing Editor of the Broadkill review as our guest tomorrow, September 28at 9:00 am on Delmarva Public Radio’s Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition, WSDL 90.7 to explain it to us. In his introduction to the genre in the Review,  for example, Whitaker argues:

 Speculative fiction (and its nonfiction cousin, true crime)  explore the grand question: “what if?” Noted author Stephen King often said “what if?” is the primary philosophical question driving artists across genres in America. And spec fic is big business, mind you. Games, movies, web-series, not to mention books, novellas, and even poetry. The market is thirsty for new work that dares to think big. Science fiction and fantasy markets are interested in reading fiction that deals with climate change (either head-on, or in some world building way), and the influence of authoritarian powers upon technology. The market has become more than just pulpy sci-fi, or sword and sorcery, it’s highbrow and brainy, and takes itself seriously (but thankfully not too seriously).

 Christopher Weston will also be with us to discuss his “speculative fiction” short story Ordvicia. We’re also fortunate to have poet Katherine Gekker with us to read and discuss a number of her poems appearing in the current issue of the Review. And last, but by no means least, the Review’s poetry editor Linda Blasky will also be with us to discuss the poetry she looks for to publish in the Review.

If you’re outside the Delmarva Public Radio WSDL 90.7 listening area, you can hear the program streamed on the station’s website at In addition, the program will be podcast and available on the same website soon following the broadcast. A link to the broadcast and the podcast is placed on my website .

Tune in. I think you'll be glad you did.

Hal Wilson"

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