Thursday, April 12, 2018

Carol Jennings' "The Burren" #Poemaday #NationalPoetryMonth @visitBurren

The Burren

                More like a moon than earth,

                Stark limestone landscape,

                Glacier gouged and scraped.

                A portal tomb holds balance,

                As it has for six thousand years,

                Over bones of a people who did not know

They were the early act of an Irish saga;

                Or that cutting all the trees would erode

                The soil that sustained them, down

                To this slippery rock where only tough
Wildflowers survive in the fissures; or
How differing visions of god would blight

This island forever.  We tiptoe gingerly.

Carol Jennings work has previously appeared in The New York Quarterly, Potomac Review, Oberon, Chautauqua, Amelia, Beltway Poetry Quarterly, The Innisfree Poetry Journal, and two anthologies. 

--from the archives of The Broadkill Review
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