Monday, April 23, 2018

Marge Piercy's "Liminal Trash" #Poemaday #NationalPoetryMonth

--from the archives of The Broadkill Review
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Knopf brought out Marge Piercy’s 19th poetry book Made in Detroit in March 2015. The Hunger Moon: New & Selected Poems was released in paperback. Piercy has published 17 novels, most recently Sex Wars. PM Press published her short story collection The Cost of Lunch, Etc; the paperback will be out in the fall with new stories and an introduction, along with My Life, My Body (essays and poems).  Her work has been translated into nineteen languages.

Liminal trash

Ridiculous objects I can’t throw away
because they conjure up a person,
a time, a place, an era of my past:
how they clutter my drawers.

I don’t really need them to stir
memory, yet they’re precious if
only to me.  It’s as if I fear losing
some part of myself if I discard

them.  About clothes I’m never
sentimental, but these Apache tears
picked up in the desert decades
ago by a wanted fugitive; these faded

blue feathers of a mojo a dear poet
and friend gave me for protection;
this glass necklace with an eye;
this tiny china cat with one paw

broken off –they’re what’s left of dead
or lost friends and lovers, brother—
as if some ghostly piece of them
lingers still safe in my drawer.

--Marge Piercy

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