Friday, April 6, 2018

Michael Obediah Smith's "Havana One Evening" #Poemaday #NationalPoetryMonth

Havana One Evening
for Asel, Julio & Aitana

with the sea splashing up
with the wind blowing hard
we ran for the bus in Havana

what very pretty company
what delightful laughter

happy minutes
rings of cocoons about us

as well,
while we were together,
we each had our own skins

in the weather of joy
in the season of happiness

your laughter was
music you composed,
who composed you

heart and soul of Cuba
beating and to bathe in
evening we met among the pews

Basilica seats exchanged
for bus seats

bus wheels to journey on
rest of our lives to get on with

how impatiently seconds tick

these same seconds, at times
like torture, a drop at a time, falling

someone in prison, in Cuba, doing time

Obediah Michael Smith was born on New Providence, in the Bahamas, in 1954. He is a poet. He has published 20 books.

--from the archives of The Broadkill Review
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