Tuesday, May 1, 2018

New issue is live. Reviews of Christine Stoddard, Sean Thomas Doughtery and @uniambic Fiction, poetry, & Dogfish Head Prize guidelines

The new issue of The Broadkill Review is live.

The complete guidelines to the Dogfish Head Poetry Prize are on the front page. Start working those manuscripts. Cash, beer, publication, and weekend at the Dogfish Head Inn. Pretty cool prize, ya dig?

This issue features:
Nina Bennett reviews Christine Stoddard's Mestiza.
James Bourey reviews Tim Strong and Eric Grienke
Grant Clauser reviews Sean Thomas Dougherty's newest collection, The Second O of Sorrow, from BOA.
Thaddeus Rutowski hustles up some creative non-fiction.
Naomi Thiers reviews Colleen Andersen and Claudia Van Gerven, 
and Stephen Scott Whitaker reviews Grant Clauser's Reckless Constellations.
Plus fiction by John CalifanoRebecca L. Monroe, and Anthony Parker
Featuring poetry by L. Ward AbelGale AcuffThomas DorsettLoralee ClarkMichael Galko, S.C. Hahn, Clyde Kessler, Sandra KohlerKen L. Jones, Greg Moglia, Charles Rammelkamp, Robert Jo Stout & Martin Willitts

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